Lunch Set

Lunch Set

At Wonder Mum, we practice a unique fusion between traditional Chinese confinement care and professional medical care, thus bringing the best of traditional confinement care from the East and modern medicine from the West to provide the ideal care for mother and their little ones.

Nourishing Lunch Sets for Healthier, Happier Adults


We redefine your lunch break with a delightful array of nutritious and wholesome lunch sets tailored exclusively for working adults. We understand the demands of your busy lifestyle, and we firmly believe that eating healthy is the cornerstone of overall well-being. Say goodbye to supplements and hello to real, nourishing food that fuels your day and elevates your productivity.


Satisfy Your Postnatal Cravings with Steam Eggs


Our Steam eggs dishes for postnatal care are carefully crafted with the needs of new moms in mind. Our dishes are packed with protein and essential nutrients which are essential during this time of recovery. Our chefs ensure that the dishes are not only healthy, but also tasty to ensure that new moms enjoy their meals and feel nourished.


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